Can Microsoft Turn Things Around This Holiday Season?

Microsoft Store

After a series of high-profile missteps, Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) has three specific goals for the holiday shopping season that it hopes can spur a turnaround: sell 16 million Windows tablets; push touch as a mainstream feature of modern PCs; and improve the Windows retail experience.

According to Paul Thurrott’s Supersite for Windows, Microsoft’s plans for Windows this year have more to do with perception than reinvention. While Windows 8 was pushed as a major revamp for the company’s operating system, Microsoft is now seeking to make customers aware of new features present in Windows 8.1 and the company’s variety of new tablets and Windows-based devices.

When it comes to Microsoft’s goal of selling 16 million Windows tablets, the company strategy for getting there is heavily motivated by the Microsoft’s two other goals of making touch mainstream on PCs and improving the retail experience for Windows. Although competitive tablets continue to be one of the strongest impediments to Microsoft’s goal of establishing itself in the market, internal notes at Microsoft have focused on customer confusion due to fragmented PC maker strategies and retail websites that have not yet evolved to make research easier — Microsoft hopes that solving the latter two issues will help to fixits problem with competitiveness.