Can RIM Push Competitors Out of This Important Market?

RIM (NASDAQ:RIMM) is making some moves to ensure it doesn’t fall of the face of the earth as smartphone makers like Samsung (SSNLF), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), and Nokia (NYSE:NOK) take over every scene, including the the business scene that the Blackberry used to dominate. RIM’s most recent move is to show the business and government world what BlackBerry 10 is all about.

For one, over 120 enterprise and government officials are being set up with a trial program that will let them experience the new BlackBerry features and services, as well as getting their hands on pre-production handsets. The program will allow governments and enterprises to find out how well Blackberry 10 will suit business needs, and for companies that go ahead with Blackberry 10, it offers a learning period to get familiar with the new product and features.

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One of BlackBerry 10’s key assets is the ability to separate work life and personal life, and not just on a psychological level, but also a hardware and software level. The new feature could offer business and governments just the kind of added security they need as the digital realm makes the shift toward the cloud and takes a more mobile focus.

Adding to the pre-release excitement, Canadian network operator Rogers has announced it’s offering pre-orders on the new BlackBerry devices and will ship them to nearby stores at customers’ convenience. Though hard details about the new device are not widely known, the business world’s reception of Blackberry 10 may give some idea of what RIM has in store for the mobile market and what RIM has in store for its own financial future.

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