Can the NFL Make Obamacare Appealing to Young People?


Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is hoping that the National Football League can help make Obamacare look cool. Sebelius announced that she had spoken with NFL officials to see if the organization would help promote the new insurance options that were created by the Affordable Care Act.

She said that the football league has been “very actively and enthusiastically engaged” in discussions about a partnership to encourage people to enroll on the new health insurance exchanges, which will provide coverage to an estimated 7 million Americans next year. “We’re having active discussions right now with a variety of sports affiliates” about both paid advertising and partnerships to encourage enrollment, Sebelius told reporters from The Hill.

Reportedly, the Department of Health and Human Services is in talks with the National Basketball Association as well. After all, using professional sports teams is a well-proven strategy; the Boston Red Sox filmed a commercial promoting Massachusetts’s healthcare law when it took effect in 2006. “We know the Red Sox were incredibly effective in Massachusetts … so it’s a logical place to go,” Sebelius said, according to the publication.