Can the Tesla Model S Dwarf Detroit’s Luxury Machines?

Model S

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) has been dominating the news in the last couple of days, helped by its big quarterly beat and glowing reviews from Consumer Reports, which ranked the Model S sedan as one of the best cars it’s ever driven. Not just the best electric car, the best car ever. The 99 on 100 rating has only been managed by one vehicle before — and that was back in 2007.

Indeed, the Model S has taken the auto world by storm, winning awards and accolades industry wide. It was awarded the coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year distinction for 2013, Automobile of the Year from Automobile magazine, Car of the Year, Yahoo Autos. The list goes on, with the car seemingly winning the hearts of critics and the public alike.

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But how does this industry-shaker of a vehicle stack up against its American competition? We took a look at the numbers for the Model S and compared these to those of Cadillac’s (NYSE:GM) XTS and Lincoln’s (NYSE:F) MKS — arguably the two closest American competitors the Tesla machine is contending with.

Each of the three models — the Cadillac, the Lincoln, and the Model S —  are the largest sedan offerings available from each company (although in Tesla’s case, the only sedan offered).