Can These Efforts Make a Difference in FB’s Ad Revenue?

With investors breathing down Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) neck, the company has a pressing need to find a way to boost its mobile advertising revenue.

First up on the agenda is a new kind of advertising targeting, one that will allow brands to market to the social network’s users based on purchases made in brick-and-mortar stores. This, Facebook executives hope, will make the ads seen on Facebook more familiar and therefore more effective.

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The company made similar efforts previously — linking data from customer relationship management programs provided by marketing technology and services companies Epsilon, Acxiom (NASDAQ:ACXM), and Datalogix. But now the company is matching data gathered by these firms through shopper loyalty programs to individual Facebook profiles using the telephone numbers and email addresses provided with loyalty card applications.

Facebook partnered with Datalogix last fall to determine whether members exposed to the ads on the social network end up purchasing those products in stores. If this hypothesis proves correct, the new method will enable brands to target users who have bought their products in recent months. For example, if one teenager purchased a can of Pepsi in the past month, the company PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) will be allowed to target those consumers with advertisements for the soft drink…

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