Chevrolet Cruze Production Is a Big Mystery

Where in the world is Chevrolet Cruze going to be built?


General Motors (NYSE:GM) is staying tight-lipped about the location, despite reports from a German newspaper Thursday that announced the Cruze would be built at GM’s Opel plant in Poland. Reuters reports that a Chevrolet spokesman combated these rumors saying, “There has been no decision made about where the next generation Cruze will be built.”

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Though the U.S. automaker recently confirmed that production of the model would not take place in South Korea, GM has yet to release any further hints of the production’s location, and understandably so, as this site will likely continue to be a point of contention for GM employees vying for the work. When reports of a possible leak came out in January 2012 — citing people from the company who said the company was considering moving the Cruze production from Korea to the Gilwice plant in Poland — Korean unions threatened to “wage a war.”