Chevy Tops the 5 Best Pickups Ranked by Consumers

Chevrolet Silverado Pick up

Ford’s (NYSE:F) F-Series line of pickups may be the best-selling vehicle in the United States — by a large margin, too — but it seems that its fellow Detroit sibling is leading the pack, as far as Consumer Reports is concerned.

Consumer Reports – one of the most heavily consulted sources of information by car shoppers, Reuters points out — has just released its ranking of pickup trucks, an especially crucial segment, as Reuters explains: “Sales of large pickups in the U.S. market were up 24 percent to almost 1.3 million vehicles so far this year and make up about 12 percent of overall demand.”

Sales aside, pickups are also an essential part of the automaker’s lineup. The big trucks generate profits of more than $12,000 per vehicle. Therefore, it’s in the companies’ best interests to have a pickup that ranks among the top.

Consumer Reports pitted the Ram 1500, Toyota Tundra, Nissan Titan, Chevrolet Silverado, and Ford F-150 against each other in a shootout to determine consumers’ favored vehicle. Here is how the trucks stacked up.