Closer Look: What Do Apple’s 1Q Numbers Mean?

apple manyThe sales figures for Apple’s four main devices — iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod — are as highly watched as anything on the income statement. This breakdown allows investors to see where the demand is, and where the company should be focusing its attention in order to generate sales. Observing the differences between these sales quarter to quarter can help provide insight into trends in consumer electronics.

For example, Apple sold 51.1 million total devices (sum of the main four) in the July-September quarter. Sales volume grew 71.2 percent to 87.5 million in the most recent quarter. Again, this is artificially inflated because of seasonal changes in sales volume, but still rather impressive. Apple sold 26.9 million iPhones in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012, and it sold 47.8 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2013, a 77.7 percent increase in volume, but not at all indicative of whether or not people are actually buying more phones, on average.

By looking at the ratio of iPhones sold relative to other products, it’s easy to see that iPhones grew in popularity, relative to other products, on a quarter-to-quarter basis. This is interesting, but still gives an incomplete picture…

Apple QoQ Sales

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