Comcast To Open Up Content and 2 Media Stocks in Focus

Comcast (NASDAQ:CMCSA): Comcast plans to open its content up as part of its “Watchathon” event from March 25 through March 31. This will provide customers with unlimited access to the company’s entire programming library of over 3,500 episodes from over 100 series, making up 3,375 hours of total content. Each show is able to be seen for free if it is streamed from the web onto another computer, mobile, tablet, or Video on Demand (NASDAQ:VOD) platform. Comcast has labeled the event as its “biggest TV catch-up event in history.” After March 31, Comcast has sated that the service will be converted into an Xfinity On-Demand initiative it plans to name “Catch-Up of the Week”. Through this, it intends to offer every episode of every season of a “different, hit TV series each week” through the end of 2013.

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