Could Amazon Become One of the Biggest Media Companies?

While Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) dominates the display ad market, Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has all the tools necessary to build a successful advertising business of its own: it has already established its Amazon Advertising Platform, it commands a wealth of information on consumer shopping habits, and Amazon Web Services has developed connections with media companies’ platforms that could allow Amazon to run ads alongside their content.

Over the past year, the Internet retailer has harnessed these strengths to develop a proprietary real-time bidding platform that is expected to cause waves in the advertising industry, according to Adweek. As sources familiar with the company told the publication, the platform will be introduced as early as the first quarter of 2013.

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Can Amazon Compete with Google?

“I think they could become one of the bigger media companies in the next five years or so,” said Darren Herman, The Media Kitchen’s chief digital media officer, to Adweek. “You have to realize that they’re capturing a ton of demand through their owned-and-operated sites and have people shopping right now.”

Like Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Exchange, Amazon’s service would allow advertising buyers to form targeting segments, like women; aged 25-34; in New York; interested in 7-inch tablets. The new platform will then drop a tracking cookie on that user’s browser and bid to run an ad for the searched item when the cookie appears on a site in Amazon’s network. The self-serve platform will significantly expand upon the Amazon Advertising Platform, which currently runs ads on its owned-and-operated sites like and sells ad space more traditionally.