Could Chevy Be Exploring a Ford Raptor Rival?

Although the latest overhaul of its Silverado pickup has been met enthusiastically by critics and observers alike, General Motors (NYSE:GM) could have its eye on something more: a reasonable contender in the niche pickup segment to directly compete with Ford’s (NYSE:F) F-150-based SVT Raptor.

The new High Country trim gives the new Silverado a sense of panache that it lacked previously, but for all its improvements, the new full-size truck from Chevy still lacks that sport factor that Ford was able to so effectively encapsulate in the Raptor. More generally, GM has reportedly been keeping a close eye on Ford’s truck line, and the success of its broad product line, which includes the Harley-Davidson edition “lifestyle model” as well as the F-150 Raptor, among others.

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Chevy Silverado Red Pickup

Chris Hilts, GM’s manager of creative design for its full-size truck interiors, was quoted by Edmunds as saying ”… our leadership is very aware of not only the Harley-Davidson pickup, but also the Raptor. There are a lot of halo vehicles at Ford. They do sell well and they do set a tone for the vehicle. We definitely are looking into that.”