Could This Be the Key to a Larger iPhone Screen?

iPhone enterpriseAlthough large-screen smartphones are becoming an increasingly popular option for consumers, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has so far avoided the temptation to fragment its product line with a large-screen iPhone that could easily be mistaken for a tablet. However, a new patent uncovered by Apple Insider suggests that Apple has discovered a method for making the iPhone’s screen bigger without increasing the overall size of the device.

In a patent titled “Electronic device, display and touch-sensitive user interface,” Apple outlines its revolutionary concept for expanding its mobile device screen estate. Apple notes in its filing that most smartphones are “typically framed by a bezel.”

However, Apple’s patent proposes replacing this typical bezel covering with a “bezel that is at least partially light transmissive.” When the proximity sensors in this proposed bezel covering detect the user’s finger, the bezel becomes transparent — instantly creating a larger touchscreen.

When the user is not touching the interactive bezel, it returns to its opaque state. This creates the illusion of a typical bezel window appearance when it is not in use.