Daimler Taps Tesla To Charge This Compact Offering

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA), which has been struggling recently while balancing its start-up related expenses and limited sales potential, has made friends with an unlikely and far more powerful ally.

CNNMoney is reporting that Tesla has teamed with Mercedes-Benz to produce a Mercedes B-Class compact with a fully electric driven power train. The B-Class is not yet available in the United States, but the Tesla-charged version is scheduled to be released stateside early next year — in a few states at first, but more widely available over time. The U.S. will also be the first market for the electric edition compact.

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Tesla helped Mercedes develop and is manufacturing parts of the new car’s electric drive system, including the lithium ion battery pack, electric motors, on-board charger and other electronics. The B-Class will be a much smaller Mercedes than Americans are familiar with, as the company has yet to bring a compact model over the Atlantic, which have been widely available in numerous other markets for some time now.

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