Did Carl Icahn Load Up on Herbalife After the Great CNBC Battle?

Screen Shot 2013-02-15 at 8.16.53 AMActivist investor Carl Icahn delivered a Valentine to Bill Ackman that was worthy of a bloody massacre. The two billionaires are most recently known for their epic feud on live television, but the investing world now realizes how serious Icahn is about sticking it to the Pershing Square founder.

Late Thursday, a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission shows Icahn has bought more than 14 million shares of Herbalife (NYSE:HLF), the nutritional supplement marketer that Ackman believes is a pyramid scheme. Through common shares and options, Icahn has a 13 percent stake in the company. After extensive research, he believes Herbalife has a legitimate business model with favorable long-term opportunities for growth. Ackman is short more than 20 million shares.

The disclosure comes just a few weeks after the two battled it out on CNBC over a past business deal. Icahn related Ackman to a little Jewish boy getting beat up in Queens, while Ackman simply said Icahn was not used to anyone standing up to him. Icahn provided some foreshadowing in the interview by claiming, “I will tell you one day, I think Herbalife will be the mother of all short squeezes.”

Interestingly, Icahn accumulated the majority of his position after the interview…