Did the Oscars Boost iPhone?

Oscar award

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and a cheap retro-film app got some fantastic free publicity this week, when it was revealed that this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature was partly shot using an iPhone. Director Malik Bendjelloul shot most of his award-winning documentary using expensive Super 8 film, but ran out of money before production was complete. As reported by CNN, Bendjelloul decided to try a $1.99 app called 8mm Vintage Camera on his iPhone and was delighted to find that it “looked basically the same.”

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The 8mm Vintage Camera app was developed by Nexvio, a company that has produced several other popular apps for iOS. Hongyu Chi, the President of Nexvio, described the experience of seeing the film win an Oscar as his “wildest dream come true,” reports Mashable

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