DirecTV to Hike Prices and 4 Media Titans Making Waves

AOL, Inc. (NYSE:AOL) is still attempting to revive its evolving marketing team. The company was able to grab industry veteran Erika Nardini, who was recently at Demand Media, to take the new role of vice president, head of marketing solutions for AOL Advertising. In this new position, Nardini  is to take the role of the “big idea” person for brands who hope to leverage all of the things AOL has to offer. She is to report to senior vice president of AOL Advertising Jim Norton.

Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX): In the beginning of 2013, the company continues to be the dominant streaming video service provider by a landslide, as it makes up 33 percent of downstream traffic on fixed networks in North America during peak hours, claims Sandvine.

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Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE:TWC): In a press release yesterday, CSG Systems (NASDAQ:CSGS) announced that Time Warner Cable has extended its customer care and billing contract with CSG through March 2017. Following the press release, in a regulatory filing, CSG said that the company now gains a material portion of its revenues from Time Warner Cable, explaining that for 3Q12, CSG gained about 10 percent of its total revenue from Time Warner. According to CSG, its amended agreement includes pricing adjustments that will be effective beginning April 1, 2013 for particular products and services that are currently in use by Time Warner and, in exchange for these pricing adjustments, CSG’s contractual relationship with Time Warner is to be extended for four more years through March 31, 2017. This includes commitments from Time Warner to purchase only a minimum level of certain products and services from CSG over the contract term.

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA): The simplest form of cable TV service has started to become more complicated since Comcast started to require that its “Limited Basic” customers, who only subscribe Comcast’s most basic TV package, to install a digital adapter in order to continue watching their television. There are three free adapters, but the subscribers will have to install the adapters and use a new remote control.

DIRECTV, Inc. (NASDAQ:DTV) will indeed raise the prices of its programming packages during the year. On Feb 2013, customers will see a 4.5 percent price hike. The company has gotten into the habit of raising its prices by almost the same amount every year.

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