Do Disney and Apple Have a Secret Video Game Project?

Disney (NYSE:DIS) has just applied for a patent for a new mobile gaming platform with cloud connectivity, GPS, and mobile skyhook location sensing technologies, reminding Patently Apple of an October report in The New York Times that said the entertainment company was partnering with Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) on a new gaming initiative.

The patent-pending Disney gaming console has a strong 3D augmented reality slant, with features such as capturing a series of images of a real object and modifying them to create an animated cartoon character in real time.

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While there was no definitive proof to connect Apple to Disney’s patent application, the features sound eerily reminiscent to the talk of the earlier project, which was code-named Toy Box. That initiative reportedly involved a gaming console with extensive mobile and online applications, including Pixar and Disney characters that could interact with each other.

The New York Times report asked the question: “Could Disney ever create a game machine, one that would sit side by side, and even compete, with Nintendo, Sony (NYSE:SNE), and Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) offerings?” and answered it by saying that given the company’s ties with Pixar, which is also connected to Apple, it was “not such a crazy idea if one truly thinks about it.”

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