Do Polls Foreshadow Republican Destruction in the Senate?


With Washington at a standstill during the shutdown and panic over the debt ceiling building, frustration has a clear place in political sentiment these days. Polls have also made it obvious that a lot of this frustration is pointed at Republicans in Washington. However, a new poll conducted by The Wall Street Journal and NBC is showing a whole new level of anger at the American government — unfortunately for those Republicans dreaming of the Senate, the findings are a real nightmare for the GOP.

According to The Washington Post, the poll was co-administered by Republican pollster Bill McInturff and Democratic pollsters Peter Hart and Fred Yang. McInturff said in an analysis of the poll that “this is among the handful of surveys that stand out in my career as being significant and consequential.”

Eight out of ten people polled said that the U.S. had veered off track — an increase of 16 percent in four months — and four in ten reported a belief that the economy was headed for a downturn this coming year. Six in ten said, if given the chance, they would swap out every single member of Congress —  even their own.