Does Apple Need to Reinvent?

Status quo would not help Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) continue winning big, and the company was in need of disrupting itself to fix its current problems. That assertion was made for Forbes by John Kotter, the chief innovation officer of corporate strategy firm Kotter International.

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According to Kotter, it was time for Apple to ask the fundamental question of whether it could continue maintaining its success by focusing on its core market.

“If yes, they should (Plan A) double down on what they are doing today,” he said. “If no, they need to (Plan B) disrupt themselves again. In my opinion, there is no way Apple can continue to win big doing what it’s doing. There are too many players, many of them with a better value proposition. As a result Apple needs to resort to Plan B.”

Kotter explained that Plan B would involve finding a clear vision of an opportunity in the marketplace that leverages Apple’s core competencies. “Steve Jobs saw the chance to move from a PC company to a consumer device company and Apple had all the design capabilities to make this shift successful,” he said…

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