Does Siri Have a Brighter Rival Coming Soon?

Source: SRI

The group that brought Siri into this world is still hard at work, only now their aim is an even cleverer computer intelligence known as Bright, which could be seeing its way to consumer-grade products in the future.

SRI is the nonprofit research and design institute that was behind Siri. The clever voice that was a smash hit on Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iPhone 4S and has been carried over to the iPhone 5 could soon find itself in the shadows — or outshined — by Bright’s enhanced brain and monitoring systems.

Siri may have been popular, as it could help iPhone users text, organize, plan, and find things on their devices, and it did it all with a soothing voice. But there was only so much use to Siri and only so much the program could get right. With Bright, SRI looks offer far greater capabilities.