DoJ Defends Antitrust Monitor Against Apple’s Criticisms


Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has submitted several filings to a federal court in Manhattan over the past several weeks regarding the actions of Michael Bromwich, the court-appointed monitor overseeing the California-based company’s antitrust compliance in the wake of an e-book price-fixing trial. One filing submitted on Thanksgiving Day alleged that Bromwich was charging excessive fees, while another filing made on Thursday asked the court to stay the monitor provision of the injunction until Apple’s e-book price-fixing appeal can be heard by the Second Circuit.

Now it’s U.S. Department of Justice’s turn to hit back at Apple. In a letter to the court obtained by Publishers Weekly, U.S. attorney Lawrence Buterman accused Apple of engaging in “a systematic and untoward campaign” to publicly discredit Bromwich.

“The United States and Plaintiff States have reviewed Apple’s filings, and have spoken on multiple occasions with both Apple and Mr. Bromwich concerning Apple’s objections,” wrote Buterman. “Based on our review, Mr. Bromwich’s actions to date have been wholly within the scope of his authority under the Final Judgment, and at all times appropriate and consistent with his impeccable reputation.”