eBay Earnings Call Nuggets: Growth Strategies and the Future of Marketplaces

eBay Inc (NASDAQ:EBAY) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Growth Strategies

Ross Sandler – Deutsche Bank: Just two quick questions. First, can you talk about your growth strategy in Latin America? Is there a scenario where you would try to get back into some of those markets with your Marketplaces business or is it likely to remain PayPal only? And then, the net charge-off at BML was up a little bit more than prior quarters. Can you just give us more color on what’s driving that?

John Donahoe – President and CEO: Ross, on Latin America, yes. Latin America is an important growth opportunity for us. As you mentioned, PayPal always had a strong cross-border business. We now have domestic payment capability in Brazil for PayPal. The Brazilian growth is on fire with domestic payments capability in Mexico. So, PayPal is aggressively penetrating Latin America in both cross-border and domestic market. And then with eBay, eBay has a strong cross-border business in and out of Latin America today, and we’re doing things to accentuate that.

So, for instance, we launched a mobile app in Brazil for a quarter that allowed Brazilian consumers to shop eBay’s global inventory in a more convenient way. We also have classified investments in Latin America. So, it’s an important market and one that we’ll continue to focus on and one I think you’ll see us continue to take action in.

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Bob Swan – SVP, Finance and CFO: Ross, on your second question relating to charge-offs…