Endo Health Solutions Earnings Call Insights: Opana ER and Mesh Liability

Endo Health Solutions Inc (NASDAQ:ENDP) recently reported its fourth quarter earnings and discussed the following topics in its earnings conference call.

Opana ER

Gregg Gilbert – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: My first one is about Opana ER, what makes the company confident that the FDA will remove the non-abuse deterrent oxymorphone products in May. If you could provide the latest color you have on that.

Ivan Gergel, M.D. – EVP, R&D, and CSO: Clearly, we are pleased to say they put out a guidance and obviously we continue to work closely with them on the guidance. We think the epidemiological surveillance data that we are getting in is very supportive of what we expect these abuse deterrent formulations should do it supporting our original contention in this regard.

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Gregg Gilbert – Bank of America Merrill Lynch: Ivan are you and the team focused on other abuse deterrent formulations of oxymorphone obviously generic companies are pretty quick to copy technologies especially the simpler ones, is there a program that you can speak to for other forms going forward?

David P. Holveck – President and CEO: Certainly. Obviously we believe very much in the tamper-resistant – these tamper-resistant formulation of medical abuse deterrent formulations. We believe they do provided a benefit. As I said, obviously, the epidemiological data is encouraging and, as you know, we are a Company very much focused in pain and certainly, if there’s something, if there’s more we can do to help in the sort of prevention of abuse certainly, certainly we’ll be looking at.

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