EPA: Car and Truck Efficiency Sets a New Record

Ford EcoBoost

Auto manufacturers have invested a great deal and gone to great lengths to ensure compliance with increasingly stringent government regulations as far as fuel economy and efficiency are concerned (take the Aston Martin Cygnet, for example), but at least here in the United States, those measures appear to be working.

According to a recently released report from Environmental Protection Agency, the average mile-per-gallon rating of new cars sold in 2012 came to 23.6, a record since the statistics were first recorded in 1975. Further, the report indicates that if 2013 puts on similar gains, the market could make the 54.5 mile per gallon target in 2025 with relative ease.

Further, average emissions fell, too. “The final model year (or MY) 2012 adjusted, real world CO2 emissions rate is 376 [grams of carbon dioxide per mile], which is a 22 [gram per mile] decrease relative to MY 2011,” the EPA’s press statement says. “MY 2012 adjusted fuel economy is 23.6 [miles per gallon], which is 1.2 [miles per gallon] higher than MY 2011.”