EU Releases Spectrum, Zillow Tumbles: Tech Business Roundup

After earlier agreeing to release spectrum used for analog TV services for 4-gigabyte purposes by January 2013, the EU is opening up 120 megahertz of spectrum that is currently employed by 3-gigabyte services for deploying 4-gigabyte services. The move should benefit such European carriers as Vodafone (NASDAQ:VOD), Telefonica (NYSE:TEF), France Telecom (NYSE:FTE), and Telecom Italia (NYSE:TI), who have, up until now, proceeded slowly on deploying 4 gigabytes.

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Shares of Zillow (NASDAQ:Z) are tumbling again on Tuesday, but with no downgrades by mid-afternoon. Notable Calls commented that, “The shorts have nowhere to hide.” Canaccord remarked that, “Noise presents opportunity,” noting that all key metrics in the core Marketplace business were still ahead of expectations.

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