Facebook IPO Anniversary: What Does the Future Hold?


Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) had its first birthday yesterday after becoming a publicly traded company. The social media darling has been under a scrutinizing gaze from analysts and investors ever since it started trading on the NASDAQ. Its stock has taken a beating over this past year and while it is currently trading much higher than its low in September 2012, it has yet to reach its IPO price. So what has the company accomplished during its first year as a public company? What has it botched? The answer for both questions is mobile.

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The company experienced a year-over-year mobile ad revenue increase to about 30 percent, according to the Christian Science Monitor. Low mobile ad revenue was something that helped push Facebook’s stock to its lowest last year. Social media users are increasingly glued to their smartphones and tablets. Getting itself in front of those users who predominantly used their PCs for the same purpose when the company was founded is key to the company’s future.