Facebook Privacy Confusion Continues and 4 Social Media Stocks to Watch

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB): Randi Zuckerberg, the Facebook founder’s sister, complained that a photo that was intended to remain private on the website was made public. Randi is also the former marketing director of Facebook, and she posted a photo to her Facebook page that showed her family’s reaction to the new “poke” application, which is a a photo-sharing tool soaring to the top of the charts for iPhone users. The Buzzfeed story claimed that a friend of a friend saw the photo and reposted it on Twitter, which transformed a semi-private moment into a publicized moment.

LinkedIn Corporation (NYSE:LNKD): Legal hassles along with poor 3G coverage and patchy broadband have been unable to put a damper on the rapid growth of social media across India, both for people at home and for businesses that have been considering building digital campaigns that will reach increasingly networked consumers. If Facebook crossed some 65 million users in India, others such as LinkedIn and Twitter, with over 15 million and between 10 and 33 million users, respectively, and newer sites like Pinterest and Quora have grown sharply as well during the past 12 months.

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Groupon, Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) has decided to partner with Groupon Grassroots, which is a philanthropic arm of Groupon, which will assist in providing fresh fruits and vegetables to local families during winter. In a two-week “Best Of” campaign that began on December 25, every $9 donated to the Hopelink campaign will pay for a month’s worth of fruits and vegetables for a local low-income family.

Pandora Media, Inc. (NYSE:P) has placed a sizable portion of its revenue into the royalties it is required to pay to stream the music service, while it continues to face increasing competition from companies like SiriusXM, Spotify, and Apple, according to the Chronicle. The company paid 60 percent of its revenue for music royalties within the first 10 months of the year versus the nearly 7.5 percent of revenue that will go to royalties from satellite radio companies.

Zynga, Inc. (NASDAQ:ZNGA) may be close to releasing its real money gaming site in the U.K. According to AllThingsD, two landing pages, Zynga Plus Poker and Zynga Plus Casino, were launched on Monday, to be used as a marketing tool to attract customers before its official launch. Zynga Inc did not comment on the report, and the company saw a 2 percent boost in morning trading.

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