Feds Investigate Japanese Billionaire Okada and 4 Other Hot Stocks

A report in The Wall Street Journal says Yahoo Inc (NASDAQ:YHOO) and Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) are discussing how to get more of Yahoo’s content onto Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Possible inclusions could be Yahoo News or other Yahoo Web properties, though there is no guarantee that a deal could materialise. It is well-known that Apple wants to reduce its reliance on Google, while Yahoo head Marissa Mayer is said to be eyeing the Apple devices as the means to reverse the declining Web traffic at the online giant. It is unlikely however that Apple would, at the moment, tinker with its Google search arrangements, as it considers them unsurpassed. A closer Yahoo-Apple relationship is actually a no-brainer considering Yahoo does not have competing hardware devices nor an app ecosystem, which is likely to be attractive to Apple.

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