Ford Issuing Escape RECALL and 4 Must-Notice Hot Morning Stocks

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s (NYSE:TMO) could announce a deal today to buy closely held maker of testing equipment and software, One Lambda, for $1 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg. Thermo’s insatiable appetite for acquisitions makes this its 28th in five years.

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Ford‘s (NYSE:F) hot-selling 2013 Escapes report a problem relating to the positioning of carpet padding, leading to the automaker issuing a recall of over 8,000 of the vehicles.

Tata Motors (NYSE:TTM) CEO Ralf Speth says the company is discussing setting up manufacturing facilities with Brazilian authorities to manufacture Jaguar Land Rover Freelanders 4x4s in that country, marking the automaker’s entry into its luxury autos market.

Following IMAX‘s (NASDAQ:IMAX) wide-screen format achieving mainstream acceptance this summer, the company has expanded its revenue-sharing arrangement with AMC Entertainment to include a total of 138 theaters within its purview.

Par Pharmaceutical (NYSE:PRX) is acquired by TPG for $ 1.9 billion at $50 per share, a 37 percent premium on its Friday closing price.

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