Ford Puts New People to Work to Address F-150 Demand

Ford F-150 Pickup

As its flagship F-Series pickup truck line continues to sell in substantial numbers, Ford (NYSE:F) has added a third shift to its Kansas City Assembly Plant, where the F-150 is produced. The truck is now coming up on 24 consecutive months of increasing sales.

The added shift will serve up an additional 900 new hourly workers to meet the demand. The first part of Ford’s plan is to bring 2,000 new hourly jobs to the same facility, as the demand has been so great. The automaker sold 60,449 F-Series in July, the best sales figure for the midsummer month since 2006.

“Ford F-Series sales are the strongest since 2006, and we are increasing production to meet this demand,” Doug Scott, Ford Truck’s group marketing manager, said in a company statement. “This is an important indicator that our economy is growing again. We are proud that Ford Trucks are helping more and more of our customers get back to work.”