Forget Frankfurt: These 6 Automobiles Drove Action at Home

Auto shows are known for their exposition of the awesome, the insane, and even the impossible. This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show was no exception. From six-figure luxury hybrids to compact cars with roaring engines, it’s safe to say most auto consumers will be admiring those concept cars from afar. Here are six automobiles that drove a fascinating week of news at home.

2014-CLA-CLASS-COUPE-GALLERY-001-GOE-D1. The CLA Slipped Into Showrooms

What’s the lowest price one could possibly pay for a new Mercedes Benz (DDAIF.PK)? That threshold is getting lower than ever as the Mercedes CLA makes its way into showrooms. Cleverly tagged at $29,900, there’s no way to drive one off the lot without spending over $30K, but the symbolic nature of the price is appreciated. This is one concept car the public is more than happy to receive. The GLA from Frankfurt can wait.