Fuel Cells: Is Toyota Ready for a Wide Launch in 2014?


The anticipated 2015 Toyota (NYSE:TM) fuel cell vehicle might be closer than previously expected. An article from Bloomberg said that the car could make an appearance later this year and even hit the market next year.

The concept for the hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle has been around for some time. Toyota has been talking about the potential of the fuel system since shortly after the launch of its Prius hybrid series of cars. In 2011, the automaker even showed off a concept car that appeared to take design hints from friendly mutton chops for the front bumper. But, it may have been still too early for Toyota to start speculating on the viability of the alternative fuel technology.

Hype started circulating extra this year when Toyota announced potential plans to work together with BMW on fuel cell technology. At the time, it seemed the wide implementation of the technology could still be a ways off, as BMW wasn’t expected to have a production car with fuel cells ready until 2020. Now, it seems that Toyota may be pushing up the schedule.