General Motors Workers Unhappy and 2 Auto Stocks Going Places

Ford Motor (NYSE:F): The company’s president of the Americas has stated that inventory of the new Lincoln MKZ sedan should be back to normal by the month’s end, according to The Detroit News. Joe Hinrichs spoke after an automotive supplier event at Ford’s Dearborn campus, and he stated that MKZs are no longer being shipped from an assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico, to another plant in Flat Rock for additional inspection and repairs. “We expect to have a rather large amount of vehicles in the delivery process … in the last 10 days of the month,” Hinrichs said. Before, Ford officials stated that they did not believe that they would see a full stock of MKZs at dealerships until early April. The all-new vehicle should have fully launched in late 2012, but Ford chose to continue to inspect the vehicles to ensure a smooth introduction, which was a goal that the automaker has not had great success in reaching in recent months.

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