GM Looks into Renewable Energy with This Move

General Motors

General Motors Co. (NYSE:GM) sees electric vehicles and renewable energy as a key element of its future, and is investing more resources in research and development. Following its efforts in fuel cell technology, GM announced it has started working on a project with TimberRock Energy Solutions that would allow energy from electric vehicles to be added back into the local power grid.

TimberRock, a company based in Maryland, produces solar charging canopies for use at charging stations. By using GM’s OnStar technology, TimberRock plans to regulate how much energy is being used by four Chevy Volts that are a part of the project. TimberRock aims to deliver only essential energy supplies to the electric vehicles, meaning the company will be able to take stored energy and sell it back to the energy grid. The partnership is exploring how effective it will be to produce and store renewable energy using vehicle batteries.

Rob Threlkeld, GM’s renewable energy manager, said the company has goals of “using all factors of the charging equation: electric vehicles, solar power, and battery storage.” The plan intends to address the limitations of solar and wind power as energy sources of the future.