Great Soundtracks: 5 Film Scores Up for Oscars This Year

Oscar award

The 2014 Oscar nominees have been announced, and movie buffs are already speculating over who’s going to win Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and most of all, which film will be deemed the Best Picture of the year. One award that typically goes under the radar — like Costume Design and Cinematography and any other award that doesn’t directly involve a celebrity — is Best Original Score. While beautiful actors and eccentric directors are fawned over, the composers and musicians that help put together film scores are more or less ignored. But a film’s score is an undeniably important part of any movie, as music is used to set the tone and heighten the emotions being evoked by an actor’s performance or a screenwriter’s words. Here’s the list of the five movies in the running for Best Original Score.

5. The Book Thief

Celebrated composer John Williams is responsible for scoring some of the most iconic film scores of all time — including Star Wars and Harry Potter, among others. The film version of Mark Zusak’s beloved young adult novel about a young girl who uses books to help survive Nazi occupation is the first project Williams has worked on in almost ten years, aside from films involving personal friends Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. A review of the score from Movie Wave gave it four stars, saying that while the 81-year-old Williams didn’t stray outside of predictability, he did a more than effective job of aiding the film in tugging at the audience’s heartstrings with a beautiful soundtrack.