Hands Off Obamacare: Rallying Cry or Faint Hope?


With the majority of the American public as confused as ever regarding the effects the Affordable Care Act will have on the quality and cost of their health care, the fight over perception is growing ever more heated. Supporters of Obamacare, including the president, are stepping up their public relations campaigns. Correspondingly, in the political arena, battles over the implementation of the legislation’s key provisions — the employer and the individual mandate — have been switched into high gear.

“Hands Off Obamacare” has become the rallying cry of supporters, led by a commercial sponsored by Americans United for Change, a liberal advocacy group. The advertisement, which will run on national cable television as early as Thursday, took a hint from the well-publicized message splashed across a protester’s sign at a 2011 Republican town hall meeting, which read “Hands off Social Security and Medicare,” and others like it.