Has Google Tapped Into a New Revenue Stream?

CHEAT SHEET Analysis: Will the New System Mean More Revenue?

Google is not specific about how many people use Google Apps for business. PCWorld points out that a blog post last year claims the service had 40 million users, but that many of those users were expected to be non-paying. If so, assuming they don’t bail for Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Office 360, which costs $6 per month per user, Google could be gaining a lot of revenue from previously non-paying users.

The most recent blog post mentions nebulous “millions” of users for the service. Google has been slowly scaling down the size of businesses that could use the service free of charge, from 50 employees or less in 2009, to ten in 2011. While it’s unclear how many users will be forced to pay under the new policy, in the grand scheme of Google’s financials this is a fairly small issue.

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