Healthcare Investors, Take Note of These Stem Cell Gems

Regenerative Medicine is no longer a term that the investment community is unaware of. The industry has gained substantial traction and exposure, reaching its tipping point with numerous products in late stage clinical development utilizing stem cells, whether allogeneic or autologous, to treat diseases and conditions at the cellular or molecular level. What investors may not be aware of is the robust number of applications for regenerative medicines that are no longer philosophic in nature. Years of dedicated research by a strong community of companies are culminating in an industry growing at exponential speed to target countless areas of great unmet medical need as stand-alone therapies, diagnostic tools and adjunctive treatments that can be employed with new or existing therapies to enhance efficacy and minimize side effects.

Wall Street is slowly starting to embrace regenerative medicine companies after years of a wait and see strategy amid controversy originally surrounding the source of some stem cells used in research more than a decade ago, and regulatory policy that somewhat hamstrung public acceptance. Through the concerted efforts of organizations such as the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine, the health care space has gone through a bit of a paradigm shift to see companies and other organizations standing shoulder-to-shoulder to advance this promising industry for the good of patients worldwide. This is presenting once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities to be part of the genesis of many game-changing technologies.