Here Is the 3D Future of Apple’s iPad

Source: uspto.govMinority Report-style gesture controls may soon become a reality for iPad users. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has recently been granted a patent that outlines a method for creating and manipulating 3D objects by using a touchscreen interface, reports Patently Apple.

In a patent that is appropriately titled “Working with 3D objects,” Apple describes how the revolutionary user interface would operate. First, a user creates a standard two-dimensional object. Then, using “a 3D gesture input that includes a movement in proximity to a surface,” the user generates a three-dimensional object.

Essentially, Apple is using the space above the touchscreen as an additional input control. After touching various points on an iPad screen, a user can “lift” a virtual three-dimensional object off the touchscreen and manipulate it. Although the technology described in this patent seems to be primarily intended for use in computer assisted design programs, it is easy to imagine applications for this interface control that go beyond CAD software.