Here’s How Apple is Preparing to Cut Out Samsung

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is said to be ramping up its mobile processor production unit in Israel, with a special focus on hiring manpower focused on the development of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips, TheNextWeb said. The company, which currently relies on smartphone rival Samsung for chip supplies, is reportedly hiring engineers let go recently by Texas Instruments (NASDAQ:TXN), which has substantially cut down its presence in the country.

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Apple may have the new employees work on projects under the leadership of Bob Mansfield, who was put in charge of a new technologies group after the company announced an executive reshuffle in October. The new group includes Apple’s semiconductor teams, which are responsible for designing custom processors such as the new A6X chip used in the fourth-generation iPad. The division has been planned to help Apple turn its chip design and building efforts in-house, eventually letting it cut out Samsung from the supply chain. Apple has previously said that it had “ambitious plans for the future” of its semiconductor teams.

TheNextWeb said Apple had been hiring “dozens” of former Texas Instruments engineers at research and development centers in Herzliya and Haifa in Israel. It was mainly seeking hardware engineers in chip development, with an emphasis on electrical circuits, analogue, and hardware testing and verification.

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