Here’s What Apple Is Spending $5 Billion On, and It’s Not a Dividend

Apple HQ 2.b


Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) plans to build Apple Campus 2 — a veritable Mecca for technology and innovation in Cupertino, and a thinly-veiled attempt to build utopia on earth — are not a secret. Information regarding the project is available on Cupertino’s city website, and curious minds can explore floor plans and even see idyllic renderings of the finished site, which looks more like a nature preserve than a corporate headquarters. The campus was championed by Steve Jobs shortly before his death, and many saw the project as an extension of his personal vision for the future of the company.

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There are two primary objectives of the campus, as laid out in a proposal submitted to the Cupertino city council. The first is to consolidate “up to 14,200 of Apple’s engineers and support personnel in a single distinctive office, research and development building” shaped like a giant spaceship. All told, at 2.8 million square feet, the four-story ring would be two-thirds the size of the Pentagon, and inconspicuously located in over 100 acres of landscaped green space.

This consolidation would facilitate the unique culture that Jobs helped create, and satisfy the second primary objective of the compound. It’s no small secret that Apple likes to keep what it’s doing under wraps, and has fostered an air of mystery surrounding itself. Highlighting this, the second stated objective for the campus is to “achieve the security and privacy required for the invention of new products by eliminating any public access through the site, and protecting the perimeters against trespassers.”

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