Here’s Why a TV Could Be Apple’s Next Big Winner

Consumers are extremely keen to lay their hands on a television set from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) and are willing to pay a 20 percent premium over existing products for the device, according to a new survey. Of the 1,568 U.S. households polled by AlphaWise and Morgan Stanley, just 18 percent reported owning a smart TV, while 13 percent said they didn’t know whether their TV was smart. About 11 percent of the survey respondents said they would be “extremely interested” in buying a TV from Apple, while 36 percent said they were “somewhat interested,” Apple Insider said.

What Do the Results of the Survey Imply?

The total 47 percent interest in the device led Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty to be very optimistic about the potential product. The 11 percent can be translated to over 13 million potential units sold in the U.S., while the additional 36 percent would be an incremental 43 million units.

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Smart TV usages were also dismal. According to the poll, those who own smart TVs connected to the Internet actually spend very little time accessing content on the web through it. “This suggests that Smart TVs currently available on the market do not offer easy-to-use software to integrate Internet content into users’ TV experience,” Huberty said. That was a clear indication that Apple had a strong opportunity to disrupt the TV market, the analyst added.

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