Here’s Why a TV Could Be Apple’s Next Big Winner

Most of those who were surveyed were interested in features including high screen quality and easy-to-use software.

Respondents were also willing to pay a premium for the product, with 46 percent happy to pay more than $1,000 for an Apple-branded TV and 10 percent willing to pay more than $2,000. On average, respondents said they would pay $1,060, a clear 20 percent premium over the $884 paid for the current average television set. The device represents a $13 billion opportunity that could add $4.50 to Appleā€™s earnings per share, the analyst said.

How Could This Affect Apply?

Rumors about a potential Apple television set have been around for years and the chatter picked up once again after chief executive Tim Cook said in an interview that it was an area of interest for the company. A sign of high interest from potential consumers will be encouraging for investors, who’re keen to identify growth areas for the company at a time when the stock has been struggling on worries about its future.

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