Here’s Why Bill Gates Is Not Satisfied With Microsoft’s Progress

CBS Co-host Charlie Rose sat down with Bill Gates this week and discussed everything from polio to Windows 8 — albeit, briefly.

Notably, though, Gates admitted during the six-minute interview that he and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer were not satisfied with the progress that the company had been making, and admitted to some of the shortcomings on their handling of the mobile industry.BILL GATES

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Gates acknowledged the great things that Microsoft has accomplished over the last couple of years. He referred to Windows 8 as a “key to the future,” a component that is instrumental to their new Surface computer. He also stated how people are looking at Bing with more respect, and — although he didn’t linger on it — casually mentioned the Xbox. (Since Sony’s release of the new PlayStation 4 components this past week, the market is now looking forward to the release of the Xbox 720.)

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