Here’s Why Boeing is Winning

A surge in demand for Boeing’s (NYSE:BA) new fuel-efficient single-aisle jets in the first nine months of the year helped the aerospace company outsell its European competitor, Airbus, by more than half.

From January to September, Airbus sold 437 planes, while Boeing sold 962 between January 1 and October 2, according to the latest figures published. After cancellations, the company outsold Airbus by 879 to 382. Furthermore, plane deliveries were handed over to airline and leasing customers more quickly by Boeing than by Airbus, which was helped by a doubling in deliveries of Boeing’s delayed carbon-composite 787 Dreamliner in the third quarter.

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Last year, Boeing trailed Airbus on deliveries for the ninth year in a row, but with this year’s, the company is set to become the top commercial aircraft producer once more.

Boeing’s smallest market share in the history of its 40-year rivalry with Airbus came in 2011, as the company struggled to decide on a strategy to meet demand for more fuel-efficient jets, like Airbus’ A320neo. However, the development of the 737 MAX has pushed Boeing past Airbus this year. Overall orders for the plane rose to 404 in the third quarter, up from 36 in the second.

Airbus, however, is also on track to reach its sales target. The plane manufacturer received orders in September for 10 A330-300 long-haul aircraft from the Philippine Airlines, 10 A320neo planes from an undisclosed customer, and two A320s from the Dublin-based lessor Aircraft Purchase Fleet. Last month’s sales put the company on track to reach its sales target of 650 gross orders this year and 30 A380 aircraft.

Airbus said on Friday that it has delivered 17 A380s in the nine months through September.

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