Here’s Why Ford Is Flexing Its Financial Muscles

To achieve this end, Ford purchased a 60-second commercial that will debut on the Super Bowl. While this was a huge expense for the company — the average cost of a 60-second ad at this year’s NBC-broadcasted game was $7 million — Super Bowl commercials receive record views. The 2012 game drew 111.3 million viewers, the most in U.S. television history. The company also set to launch its largest marketing campaign ever, which will include television commercials and a series of newspaper advertisements.

However, not all analysts believe that Ford can transform the Lincoln. “Ford has got to have reasonable expectations with Lincoln,” analyst Michelle Krebs told Bloomberg. “The MKZ is a very fine car, but does it really compete with a BMW 3 Series? It’s not even on the same shopping list.”

Seven new models of the car are expected by 2015.

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