Here’s Why HBO and AMC Were Celebrating Sunday Night

Breaking Bad Season 5

Chief executives of the major cable networks may not have walked the red carpet Sunday night, but they still benefitted from the significant success their series saw at this year’s Emmys. Fighting claims that consumers are now turning away from television sets and instead turning to technology for entertainment, the awards show proved that cable networks are still thriving and that there is still something to get excited about when it comes to primetime TV.

Reuters reported early Monday morning that Time Warner’s (NYSE:TWX) HBO and AMC Networks’s (NASDAQ:AMCX) AMC had special reason to celebrate Sunday night, as their respective series nabbed a number of prizes and presumably sparked further viewer interest in their shows. Series like The Newsroom, Boardwalk Empire, and Behind the Candelabra gave HBO the most Emmy hoopla, while Breaking Bad was the star of the night for AMC.

Cable networks’ considerable presence at the televised awards demonstrated that they are still booming in the TV game. Boardwalk Empire’s Bobby Cannvale highlighted as much on Sunday, saying to Reuters: “It just seems like there’s a real swing in the cable world. Movie studios don’t make dramas, so the best place to do drama is you go to HBO or Showtime, or you go to AMC or FX, and I think that was sort of reflected today.”