Honda Builds on ‘Cogs,’ Sweeps Up at Auto Ad of the Year Awards

Many may remember Honda’s (NYSE:HMCCogs advertisement, a video depiction of a delightful Rube Goldberg sequence made entirely of automotive components, that ran for nearly a solid two minutes. That video came out about eight years ago, believe it or not — and since then, Honda has managed to stay on top of its short film game.

Honda, it appears, has a knack for clever marketing videos, which range from its ASIMO robot to its cars. With time, it seems that the company has only gotten better, as the Japanese automaker has made a strong showing at the 2014 One Show Automobile Advertising of the Year Awards, winning three of six potential awards.

The awards are judged by 50 creative directors and journalists, and a Public Choice category was picked as the result of almost 20,000 online votes. Among Honda’s three awards, its Hands commercial walked away with the Best Auto Commercial, showing that Honda still has the media prowess that it showed off with Cogs.