Honda Wows With This New “Hands” Ad


Honda Motor Co. (NYSE:HMC) has been making news for its Accord Hybrid and other well-reviewed automobiles, but the company wants to remind everyone it has bigger things on its plate. An ad released by Honda, titled “Hands,” has been wowing viewers online. Featuring a pair of hands that starts with a nut and creates Honda’s most advanced machines, it presents a condensed version of the company’s achievements throughout its 65 years in existence.

“Let’s see what curiosity can do” is the ad’s opening line, and a pair of engineer’s hands take it from there. A nut rolls across the screen. The engineer grabs it and fashions a motorcycle, before twisting it into a classic racing bike. The world’s largest engine manufacturer next flashes its full array of products, from lawnmowers and compact cars to racing vehicles and the ASIMO robot.

Honda’s water-producing car might be the most puzzling entry in the video. After seeing the car in motion, the hands pick it up and drain some water into a glass (the engineer promptly quenches his thirst with its contents). That’s Honda’s FCX, the hydrogen-fuel cell ride that produces only water as its emissions.