House of Cards Gets a Third Season


The hit show from Netflix, House of Cards, is going to begin its second season soon, and what better way to start things off than with the announcement that fans will have a third season waiting for them just around the bend?

The first season left the star character — Frank Underwood, played by Academy Award and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey — accepting a nomination for the seat of the Vice President of the United States after his corrupt and even murderous plots to work himself ever closer to the presidency succeeded. Fans will have a lot more to look forward to in the second season, as Underwood will likely be wielding even greater power to exact his revenge against the president who snubbed him.

Season 2 will begin airing February 14 with all thirteen episodes available for watching. But, as USA Today has reported, Netflix has been so happy with the success of the show that it has ordered a third season be made. Netflix’s creation of the House of Cards series may have been the very beginning of a revolution in the TV industry — or, perhaps, in the challenging of the TV industry — as it was the first series of its kind, being produced by a streaming platform like Netflix.

Since the show’s first season earned nine Emmy nominations, four Golden Globe nominations, and one Golden Globe win for Robin Wright as the wife of Underwood, according to USA Today, Netflix has no reason to back away from the successful series. Further, industry watchers that were skeptical about the viability of a company like Netflix producing a series like this should have ample evidence to reconsider their skepticism.